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My Approach

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An "upbeat, credible and high-energy speaker" who helps you understand yourself and others in order to boost your decisions, preserve reputation and change mindsets for a better world.


Just as people want to be heard, they want to influence others. That means hearing what really matters. Drawing on scientific research and unforgettable stories, I tend to adopt a behavioral lens to improve human judgement,

My goal is to make it easier to go further and do better by understanding the human dimension. Always looking inside the mind - the answer is usually there.

Sample Engagements...

University Logos
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Keynotes and MC

I deliver keynote addresses and moderate panels for Corporations, Universities, Human Rights Associations, Sports Entities and Media Platforms around the world. Topics impact leaders, investors, employees and customers, and typically include the following:


*   The Decision Ninja: The Art of Judgement

*   Inside the Discrimination Mind

*   Unconscious Mistakes Most Leaders Make

*   Boardroom Bear Traps & Judgement Killers

*   Can't Decide? The Psychology of Indecision

*   Navigating Power & Influence For Success

*   Negotiating without Emotion or Ego

*   Inclusive Decisions for Modern Leaders

*   Conscience vs Convenience: Your Choice

*   Whistle-blowing: Stand By or Stand Up? 

*   Tuning Into Your Professional Brand

*   How Women Gain and Lose Power

*   Resilience 101: Pressure in Uncertainty

*   The 7 Pitfalls of Perfectionism


Over my career, I've interviewed a range of entrepreneurs, CEOs, Olympic medal holders, Presidents, astronauts, FBI investigators and academics, all seeking to stand out and make a difference in a competitive world.

TEDx Talk

How to Overcome Indecision

Viewed by half a million people, my TEDx talk addresses the 3 reasons why you can't make decisions - and offers simple solutions to help  when struggling to decide about something that matters to you - and others. 

TEDX Speaker

Podcasts and Media

I have featured on podcasts, media and radio about a diverse range of topics from business strategy to branding  human behavior, FinTech,  misinformation, whistleblowing, investments, sports sponsorships, diversity and inclusion. I've been interviewed at universities and by media such as the FT, the Telegraph, the Economist, RTE, Fox Business and BBC World Service.

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In The Media

BBC world service
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I'd be happy to speak about any of the above topics, all of which help us lead better lives and make better decisions. Feel free to reach out. 

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