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Since 2020, I regularly publish a range of business and psychology-based articles on mainstream media outlets: Forbes, Inc, HBR and Psychology Today.  Each has a different audience and orientation. Click below to review.

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FORBES Magazine reaches millions of medium-sized and large businesses. Articles for leaders include:

  • Kill Your Cleverness Curse and Control Your Career: 10 Behavioral Science Tips 

  • Eight Reasons We Reject Advice and How Behavioral Science Can Help 

  • The Dark Side Of Goal Pursuit: How Focus Can Distort Judgment 

  • Be A More Liked and Respected Leader: Use Second Chances And Fresh Starts

  • I Want What You’ve Got. How Envy Destroys Leadership Decisions 

  • Why a Great Result Isn’t Always a Great Decision 

  • The Imperfect Perfectionist: Four Tips To Overcome Perfectionism 

  • Money Talks Yet Employees Walk: How to Craft a New Psychological Contract 

  • Why Even Presidents Procrastinate and How to Stop 

  • The Great Regret: Five Strategies to Limit Emotional Fallout 

  • How to Conquer Overconfidence Before It Conquers You 

  • Why High Performers Topple and How to Prevent It  

  • How Great Managers and Monarchs Lead Their Kingdoms.

  • Beyond the Trophy: Redefining a Winning Mindset 

  • Tune In: Why Relying On Experts Can Sabotage Decisions 

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  • Is Your Mind Being Hacked Without Your Consent?

  • Professional Ghosting: A Decision with Hidden Consequences 

  • How to Spot and Survive a Narcissistic Boss 

  • Stuck in Your Own Spotlight Misery: Why your flaws are actually appealing

  • Overhyped: The Not-So-Great Resignation

  • Why Taking Advice Always Beats Giving Advice 

  • Mourning a Monarch: Why People Cry For Virtual Strangers

  • Time to Quit? Learn From Prime Ministers, Popes and Players

  • The 7 Deadly Sins That Brought Down Liz Truss in 7 Weeks 

  • Why Too Much Focus on Achieving Goals Harms Your Judgement (

  • Six Simple Strategies to Neutralise Envy 

  • Why Supporting Strangers Wins You Instant Influence 

  • 5 Ways to Manage Painful Feedback 

  • Why Saying You’re Right is Never Wrong 

  • Why Confidence Can be a Con 

  • Escaping the Perfectionist Trap: 7 Signs and 7 Solutions

  • Sinead O’Connor's Legacy: The Art of Being Yourself 

  • Being the Chosen One: Favouritism Fallout

  • Bouncing Back: 7 Ways to Get Back up When You Fall

  • Misjudgement: Why we Trust What we See vs. What We Hear.

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