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#1 New Release

"Sensational ..."

Rory Sutherland

Vice Chairman, Ogilvy 

"The only book on decision-making you'll ever need..."

Dr Dario Krpan

Professor, London School of Economics

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Do you hear what really matters?  

Your Go-to Guide for Smarter Judgement 

"This is a misjudgement masterclass for decision-makers in high-stakes situations - it not only explains your past mistakes but prevents future ones ..."

We live in a noisy, polarised world where the risk of tuning out what really matters is rising - and amplifying error.

When you tune out, you lose out. But when you tune in, you win - and so do those around you.

Tune In stands apart. Original and timely, it draws attention to decision “deaf spots,” the judgement killers that stop us from hearing what really matters. 

Tune In is illustrated by a cast of unforgettable Wall Street titans, sports icons, entrepreneurs, presidents, FBI investigators and moon-landing astronauts.

Stand out, don't miss out. And become a more influential Decision Ninja.

It's time to 
Tune In.   


tuned out decision-maker

"A thoughtful analysis of the traps that can sabotage your judgment—and a practical resource for making better choices.”

Adam Grant

#1 New York Times bestselling author of Hidden Potential and Think Again

Adam Grant

"A thought-provoking exploration of the challenges facing decision-makers in a modern world.  A must-read for anyone seeking to enhance their judgment and minimize human error.”

Dr Robert Cialdini

Robert Cialdini

New York Times bestselling author of Influence and Pre-suasion


"Rooted in research, TUNE IN should be standard reading in all classrooms and boardrooms.  It’s a winning template for high performers.  You’ll return to it time and time again.”  

Paul McGinley

Paul McGinley

Professional Golfer and European Ryder Cup Captain 2014  

"This is a sensational book... Put down  your mobile phone and read  this instead"

Rory Sutherland

Vice Chairman, Ogilvy 

Rory Sutherland

“It is an honor to recommend this book. ”

Jeffrey L. Rinek

Former FBI Investigator

Jeff Rinek

"Bring the level up on your listening ... your decision-making skills are going to soar."


Dorie Clark

Professor at Colombia & WSJ Bestseller

What Are People Saying?

"A ground-breaking account of how the mind gets critical decisions wrong and how to get them right. Convincingly argued, its core idea of psychological deaf spots merits a lot more attention. This game-changer leaves you wanting more - and to do better."

Lord Sebastian Coe

President of World Athletics

Seb Coe

“This engaging, thought-provoking and influential book is a map for smarter decision making. A great first time read but also an invaluable reference book.  A rare combination of information and entertainment.”

Debbie Hewitt MBE

Chair, The Football Association & Visa Europe

Debbie Hewitt MBE

"Inspiring, witty and intellectually stimulating, this is a journey all should take."

Dame Robina Shah DBE

Professor of Psycho-Social Medicine and Medical Education

Dame Robina Shah

"An engaging journey of the mind... a fantastic book...  Every leader needs to understand  their “deaf spots.”

Melina Palmer

Melina Palmer 

CEO, The Brainy Business

"Anyone who reads this practical book will love it."

Allyson Stewart-Allen

CEO, International Marketing Partners 

Allyson Stewart-Allen

“A book I would never want to have too far away from me! It's not only informative but really instructive and a valuable reference for any business.”

Viktoria Degtar 

Chief Revenue Officer, TIME 

Victoria Degtar

“Written by a businesswoman who has not only been there, but most importantly done it.  Tune In is chock full of insights that give you the ‘what’ and the ‘how’. A book to be cherished.”

Steve Martin

New York Times bestselling author of Messengers, and CEO, Influence at Work

Steve Martin

"Powerful, pacy and provocative, this misjudgement masterclass will make you challenge how you think - and hear. An essential book for leaders."

Tracy Davidson

Deputy CEO, Handelsbanken Plc

Tracy Davidson

"Nuala Walsh teaches us valuable methods for applying critical thinking and behavioural science to improve our decision-making. An essential read."

Dr Daniel Crosby

Psychologist and author of Laws of Wealth and The Behavioural Investor

Daniel Crosby
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Nuala Walsh image

Award-winning Nuala Walsh is an adjunct professor of behavioural science at Trinity College Dublin, an independent non-executive director, bestselling author, TEDx speaker and visiting fellow at the London School of Economics. 


Recognised among the 100 Most Influential Women in Finance, her 30-year global investments career spans BlackRock, Merrill Lynch and Standard Life Aberdeen, serving as Chief Marketing Officer. At PA Consulting, she completed a one-year World Bank transformation project in Africa.


As MindEquity CEO, she advises Fortune 500 firms, human rights and sports associations on strategy, reputation, culture and behaviour change.


A former Vice-Chair of UN Women (UK), appointments include Founding Director of the Global Association of Behavioural Scientists; President of Harvard Club of Ireland; Non-Executive Director at British & Irish Lions; Chair of Innocence Project London; Advisor at World Athletics, and Council Member at The Football Association.​ 

Publishing 100+ articles in  Forbes, Inc., Psychology Today, Harvard Business Review, her insights have featured in the Financial Times, CNBC, on BBC, RTE and Fox Business.  Holding two first-class masters and a BA in Philosophy, Nuala guest lectures in Ivy-league universities. ​​


For a repository of published articles, click here

About The Author


Article in Harvard Business review on whistleblowing and speaking upby Nuala Walsh
 Forbes logo by Nuala Walsh
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