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Soon to be translated into Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Thai.

What's It About?

We tune out important information and don't realise it until it's too late...


Despite popular opinion, the most underestimated risk isn't economic, political, technological or even climate risk.

 It’s human decision risk, triggered by our tendency to tune out what really matters.

It’s ironic. In a digitized world, we hear less than ever. In a visual world, we’re seen but not heard.   

It’s not necessarily our fault.  We’re bombarded by an environment that operates against us. Overwhelmed by data, distraction and disinformation, we’ve too little time to pay attention to what truly matters.  



A catalogue of persistent errors and a collective downgrading of decisions.

What sets Tune In apart is its focus on dominant hearing-related biases that contaminate decisions. While many appreciate bias blind spots, few recognise the destructive power of decision 'deaf spots' – until now.  

When you tune in, others feel heard. And only when others feel heard, do they hear you. This is the path to power, performance and prosperity.


You can’t trust all you hear.  Why? Because what you hear is rarely all there is.


Most people base decisions on who they see, not what they hear.


Most people don’t filter the noise to decode the right signals when it matters.

We think we hear what matters, but history suggests otherwise.


When you think you have the answers, you stop listening and start misjudging.

The Reality ...

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The Cost...

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“We listen too much to the wrong voices; 

we listen too little to the right voices.”

“We tune in to the voices with which we feel in tune. And we tune out the voices with which we feel out of tune.”

“Is anyone really hearing you? In a noisy world, we hear less than ever - and feel less heard.

Old-fashioned microphone

How TUNED IN are you really?

How g
ood is your judgement?

Take The Test.  

Discover your risk exposure to the PERIMETERS Traps. 

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